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about alexis

Alexis Loiselle is an NYC based, Pittsburgh-born, 90s boy band aficionado ('Nsync > Backstreet Boys, not accepting questions at this time), as well as an actress, dancer, singer, and voice over artist. 

Alexis' love of performing began when she learned how to tuck up her shirt to perform Britney's greatest hits or stand on her dad's knees at Pitt football games, eyes glued to the dance team. At age 7, she wrote, directed, produced, choreographed, and starred in her first feature film titled: Kick It To the Top, the story of a local cheer team heading to the championship (not to worry, it's a happy ending). Thanks to her older siblings, Alexis then discovered 90s boy bands, a discovery that still consumes her daily life at the ripe age of 27. She owes her finely tuned dance and choreo pick up skills to Darren's Dance Grooves, performing a different 'Nsync routine every year at school ("Digital Get Down" at a catholic school talent show was.... a choice). 

What sealed the deal was what Alexis discovered in the 6th grade - the Wicked OBC album. She began formal dance and voice lessons at 13 and thus the love of musical storytelling was born.

While the love of acting never waivered, Alexis went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Virginia Tech, proud Hokie alum! Not quiiiiiite a BFA, but she wouldn't trade her time at VT for anything.

Fast forward just weeks before Alexis was to head to grad school, the lingering theater bug won out, so she decided to follow her heart and enroll in the musical theatre program at New York Film Academy, headed by (Wicked alum!) Kristy Kates. 

Since then, Alexis has starred Off-Broadway and regionally, and is currently in the North American Tour of Legally Blonde the Musical.

Moral of the story -- follow your dreams kids!

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